Few Facts About Polyurethane Crack Injection

    Despite its popularity, polyurethane crack injection is by far the most popular method for repairing cracks that cause water leaks. Due to its inherent versatility, crack injection makes it a leading waterproofing application for both residential and commercial purposes. Structures are protected against corrosion and water-related decay by polyurethane injection, which seals active leaks and prevents moisture migration.


    Concrete crack injection of a residential foundation crack cost one-third compared with exterior waterproofing and required no excavation. This effective pressurized injection is capable of filling the crack through the entire thickness of the foundation wall and keeping water outside the building envelope.

    How does it work? Polyurethane injection is a method of repairing cracks; it works by injecting a foam rubber seal into the cracks. When injected this fluid resin into concrete cracks, expansion joints, rock fissures, and other voids in solid underground structures, this undergoes a chemical transformation from a liquid to a solid within minutes.

    Immediate solution

    Polyurethane is ideal for urgent waterproofing because of its very short cure time even if the foundation crack is wet, actively leaking, or dry. Polyurethane‘s viscosity and cure time can be controlled and once cured, can be quite flexible depending on the formulation. It is also a very reliable crack repair when done properly.

    Why you still need a skilled waterproofing contractor

    While the process of polyurethane crack injection is simple in principle, the skill and aptitude of a professional play a vital part in successfully performing a polyurethane crack injection. Our professionals from Concrete Crack Repair have a comprehensive understanding of the right conditions in order to successfully inject a crack. Furthermore, a substantial amount of determination and attention to detail is required for a better outcome.

    Polyurethane Crack Injection versus Epoxy Crack Injection While these two substances are suitable for different industries, their main difference is that epoxy flooring in general is harder whereas PU is more flexible. It is our opinion that many basement crack repair companies promote polyurethane crack injection repair over epoxy which begs the question of whether they offer only polyurethane injection service. At Concrete Crack Repair, we offer both epoxy and polyurethane crack injections to ensure full concrete crack injection to fill the crack, from front to back. We provide our clients with concrete crack injection solutions based on their requirements at an affordable price.

    You can turn your home into a charming and valuable asset with our custom-designed concrete crack injection solutions at a reasonable price.