Be it for exterior or interior surfaces, we provide a variety of repair solutions specifically tailored to your individual needs. Exterior solutions usually include digging out the soil next to the foundation, replacing the footer tiles, sealing the walls, topping that with gravel and backfilling with soil to grade level. In the case of interior work, the floor next to the outside walls is opened up, drain tile is installed then surround by gravel. The drain pipe is connected to a sump pump, which discharges the water.

    Protect the Value of Your Home

    Your home will give you subtle signs when your basement foundation is not properly aligned. You may notice cracks beginning to appear, doors and windows begin to stick, floors become uneven, and the walls may cracked or buckle.

    Contact us at Concrete Crack & Foundation Repair to protect the value of your home and ensure its long-term beauty and safety.

    Attention-To-Detail With Your Concrete Crack Repair Project

    Our basement crack repair specialists offer a number of services that can be tailored to every budget. Each individual project is performed to the highest standards to ensure your expectations are met.

    As proven basement crack repair specialists, we can help you avoid future costly expenses by restoring your basement to its former glory.

    An Outstanding Reputation for Quality and Professionalism

    With years of experience and an outstanding reputation for quality and professionalism, our goal has been to ensure the complete satisfaction of every client. We add value to your home by leveraging a wide array of customized basement repair solutions that ensure stability for many years to come.

    Service Customized to Your Individual Needs.

    At Concrete Crack & Foundation Repair, we work closely with you to provide the right service at the right price. Nothing is left to chance. We are dedicated to making your crack repair our priority. Our reputation has been built on years of exemplary service and quality workmanship. Your total satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

    How much is the average cost of a basement repair?

    The basement crack repair cost ranges based on the type of method and materials used. Sometimes it may be less or more, depending on the severity of the fissures. There are two ways to fix these fissures. The first method uses crack injections and then waterproofing. The cranny is injected with epoxy or urethane to prevent water from leaking. can fix and waterproof the fissure on the exterior of the basement without removing the drywall or the insulation. Our estimation and inspection to mend the damages are reasonable, cost-effective, and suit your budget. Our seasoned professionals will carefully inspect how your house deals with water leakage problems, find the root cause of the fissures and fix them at the most competitive prices. If your home needs a professional reconstruction, you need to give it a new look, and you want affordable service, contact us today!